Our experience makes us sensitive to how vital it is to have quality standards in accord with the services we provide.

Therefore, in response to our clients’ needs and criteria, our team is duly instructed, trained and evaluated to provide customized service, as it has been demonstrated that a general, standardized approach in the private security sector entails an unacceptable level of efficiency, which we cannot allow.


In this way, our security company provides a service tailored to the particular needs of each of our clients.

Our security experts and consultants see to the appropriate Security Plans and Action Protocols, featuring duly detailed and calculated procedures adapted to each client and service, in an effort to provide the most effective security solution.


At SEFOR we are very aware of the importance of being a sustainable company, caring not only for the environment but also promoting the good of society by minimizing the use of energy resources and taking advantage of proximate and renewable ones, opting for green energy. To these ends, we adapt our work spaces and practice efficient waste management. We are committed to the environment, and implement Corporate Social Responsibility programs.